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Welcome to W.o.S, a roleplay based upon the Naruto series by Masashi Kishimoto. This group was made by taking common concepts from Naruto groups, while also integrating new ideals and systems to make it a more unique and fun experience for everyone. This Group was founded by ForsakenXJinx, Haoyou, Jigaki, NatalieRedmoon, SensoChan.

Still upholding the ideals of the idea to make the Naruto community great once more, W.o.S is back. In this exciting, new world you will find many things that help separate this group from the old ways and try to introduce new concepts and ideals to make for a fresh breath from generic and bland groups. This group welcomes all with open arms no matter their creed, histories; etc. Don't be afraid to join, after all: We all came here to write, have fun, and do whatever else we can to our heart's content.


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